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Staffing When You Need It

Expert Solutions By Engagement or Permanent Placement

Cognitive serves clients who are seeking revenue and cost transformation for core business functions by undertaking digital transformation across their entire business. We have deep domain expertise across data analytics, technology commercialization, implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence and change management.

Often our clients evaluate the effectiveness of their insights or analytics (e.g., syndicated data, secondary data, ROI/Marketing Mix, pricing and promotion analytics, copy testing, brand equity or health, segmentation, social data analytics, CRM analytics, etc.), and find that they fall short of industry standards in today's fast-moving business environment. Our staffing and consulting services can help you continue to implement digital strategies without having to hire or staff implementation positions - and keep the talent you need once your implementation project is completed.

Campaign Pitch

Real-Time Insights and Expertise

Expert Staffing Solutions

Cognitive provides staffing solutions through our software development studios and training companies and our large network of experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and cybersecurity, and big data applications and implementation. Our dedicated Customer Success Team ensures every engagement is driven by Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that drive implementation success. Staff sourcing is enabled by our large network of alumni and collaborators combined with our project/skills matching provides one of a kind talent for on-demand or permanent placement - that right, you can hire your development or implementation team for a small placement fee.

We are creators and developers ourselves and we know how to apply the most comprehensive vetting to ensure your technology teams - which can speed adoption and improve utility and cost recovery. Our implementation teams provide customers with the ideal fit between your specific needs and the right talent.

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Change Management

Getting Change to "Stick"

Corporate and organization innovation leaders face many challenges when attempting to get new initiatives off the ground. Peter Schwarzenbauer, chairman of BMW, is quoted saying, “Innovation is a willingness not to be understood for a long period of time.” Every organization needs change agents - those whose radical, innovative ideas are not always immediately understood.


In our research and work, we constantly test to see if technology adoption, internal relationships, or if understanding new trends would have been a primary cause of challenges –yet over and over, we hear that internal culture is the primary issue with change.

At Cognitive we believe that too many companies use proximate indicators of innovation success, derived from their existing business and management systems. Unfortunately, these measures only work well when applied to mature steady-state markets, rather than innovation and what's “next”. Companies too often view innovation as something they can "fix", when they need to. Innovation is about overcoming obstacles and reimagining processes -- and sometimes the entire organization -- from the ground up, while incorporating assets the business already has in place.


Cognitive’s Organization & Cultural Change Practice leverages creative, data and insight-driven analytics to increase the pace, certainty and successful outcomes of our clients' organization change programs.


We partner with our clients to:

  1. Envision, plan, and manage enterprise-wide organization transformation and change programs that last beyond our engagement and ensure your organization avoids the silos and barriers that prevent rapid adoption of new ideas, programs, and processes;

  2. Plan and execute change management initiatives, with speed and agility by developing training and employee/customer engagement practices to make changes “sticky”;

  3. Build internal change capability that is increasingly agile and adaptive to sustain change management when our work is completed; and

  4. Use predictive analytics to aid decision making and highlight paths that will help achieve desired business outcomes during change programs.


Our integrated focus on organization transformation, change management, and developing change capability is an approach to organizational change that is clearly differentiated in
the marketplace.

Cognitive will enable your company to manage change with precision and achieve more predictable results, at a pace that is faster and more effective than your peers. Traditional change management activities, like training and communication, are no longer enough to help drive change at the scale and pace required today. Our out-of-the-box thinking combined with a comprehensive and integrated approach can help your company grow at the speed of change.


Digital Transformation

Your Staffing Solution

We assess 5 key technology areas to identify opportunities to accelerate operations by improving and integrating digital processes. Real-time deployment of technology solutions for Machine Learning, IoT, sensing, tracking and reporting Key Performance Indicators.


  1. Real-Time Data: By employing the Internet of Things and smart connected devices across all operational levels, you will become a digital powerhouse with real-time, accurate and complete data to drive execution excellence. We’re experts at integrating IoT data sets with third-party data sources, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into your IoT platforms and deploying a wide range of solutions designed to meet your operational goals.

  2. Continuous Automated Operations: Machines do the work and people bring optimization and integration to all levels of the operational systems working within the company.

  3. End-to-End Integration: End-to-end operations integration will drive the overall operations integration and optimization to ensure that all systems are running smoothly.

  4. Big Data Analytics: We help you to understand complex interaction for improved speed, integrate your data with related third party data and ways to use your data to extract the insights you need to perform at the speed of modern business.

  5. Value Chain Collaboration: We'll be there along each step in your value creation from the supply chain through delivery and follow up. We help you to create and drive agile, adaptive, operations by creating platforms and processes that ensure a fast turnaround time across all operational levels within the company. We enable fast, high-quality decision making based on real-world data not “gut”.

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