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Finding Your Customers and the Digital Channels to Reach Them

Every company depends on finding customers. But in today's complex digital world identifying the right beachhead market and the digital channels to reach them can be challenging. Cognitive does the kind of deep research to identify your best candidates for early adoption, repeat buying and retention. 

We identify the key performance indicators and use traditional measures like the cost of customer acquisition, lifetime customer value, churn, and month-over-month sales.

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Finding the Right Product - Market Fit

Identifying Your Minimum Valuable Product

Today's markets won't suffer viable products - there are too many entrants that deliver real value. We help you identify the most important features your product MUST HAVE and those that can differentiate tour offering when you enter the market. 

The Cognitive Process helps you understand your customers buying decision process, the role of brand and inference in your offering and messaging your features set as "market-connected" Value Propositions that connect with your target customers.

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Valuation Services

A Comprehensive Approach

Valuations are done for a number of reasons. Cognitive focuses exclusively on valuing companies that are seeking financing at Seed Stage through late series. Valuation at this stage is an art that advantages entrepreneurs by providing them with a substantive understanding of the metrics by which investment decisions are being made.

Cognitive uses the same scientometric approach to valuation by evaluating comparable and competitive companies to understand their trajectory (growth) and velocity (pace of growth) and establish Key Investment Indicators that can help focus limited resources toward those activities that are most important to investors.

Our Valuation also considers the key market sector trends and potential competition for regional, national and global markets as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a specific company.​

Cognitive's Valuation Report includes


  • Recommended market positioning to attract the highest value investors for the company;

  • A list of recent financing deals done in the space: 

  • Deal socialization recommendations;

  • Competitor benchmarking;

  • Financing metrics and recommendations; and

  • Candidate Investor lists including the names of key decision-makers, contact information (name, email and phone), the last few deals are done, and current fund profiles.

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