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Cognitive’s Corporate Innovation Program

There are an abundance of innovation tools & frameworks in use today in corporations both large and small. We work together to decide which techniques, processes, and formats fit best with your company culture and the innovation challenges you face. We begin with a step-by-step approach to getting started. We back that up with a suite of tools to help support and sustain innovation programs, and ongoing skills training, corporate boot camps and accelerators – all designed to ensure your innovation programs become a part of your company’s DNA. and guarantee success.


Your Guide in the Startup World

Our team has created and been a part of different startup ecosystems around the globe and we’ve maintained close ties with what works and what doesn’t. We will use our extensive network to find partners, products, sales channels, and solutions to the complex challenges of running your own startup within your parent company. This can include finding partners or sales channels to support your go-to-market strategy, apply basic growth-hacking to get early traction in your target markets and help you avoid the thorny problems of running a startup.


Innovation Culture & Process Consulting

At Cognitive, we help you understand how to create and support ideation and innovation within your company. From the moment we engage, we help you manage expectations, find the best people and products to start with and understand how to use our program to help focus your corporate culture on innovation and the processes required for long term success. We use a process approach to help extract the best ideas, validate them in the market by identifying your potential customers, and validating your commercial marketing and sales channels. We guide medium to large enterprises to roll out a hands-on, internally driven approach to explore new options for growth, innovation and new commercial markets for your products and services.t the entire decision-making process and guarantee success.

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Corporate Innovation Accelerator

Driving Internal Innovation

The goal of Cognitive’s Corporate Innovation Accelerator Program (or Startup Accelerator Program) is to embrace innovation in a structural way within your business strategy.

Our goal is to help companies by creating and supporting corporate innovation teams (corporate startups) that are developing new business concepts, or new markets for existing products that are outside of your core business. Like any startup, we focus on how to get this done within the shortest possible period of time and for the least expense by validating product/market fit, customer acquisition strategies and optimizing business model economics. The biggest difference with our 4-6 and 12-month innovation programs, is the fact that you give teams the chance to structurally incorporate a new mindset and methodology to execute radically new ideas, helping to create new ways of thinking and ideating to get the best from your innovation teams.

A corporate business accelerator program should focus on mid- to long-term development opportunities. The long-term goals of an organization are generally more ‘high level’ in comparison to the shorter-term objectives which are more tactical. To make sure the results of the accelerator meet your specific long-term goals, all relevant decision-makers should be aligned on what (not) to expect as a potential result.

Apply Lean-Startup Principles

We Practice  What We Preach

We love lean because, properly done, it works. Based on the feedback from users and customers, we re-examine product strategy, market entry strategy, and business models.


We help find an answer to the following questions: “Why will clients use your new service?” and “Why will users pay for your product?” which are defined as the value proposition needed to define our strategy.


We also always do basic market research on market trends, direction, pricing and customer targeting. We use the Lean Business Model Canvas to dive into new innovative ideas, and to prioritize the most critical components of product development, market entry, and business model. We use lean techniques to test our assumptions as fast as possible. 

Lean Canvas.jpg

Explore New Sources of Profit

Create and Implement New Business Models

Together with your internal innovation team, we will explore alternative business models and do the required research to understand the key industry trends, buying habits and messaging options you may have. Many startups, even internal to big companies, can rapidly experiment with a radical new approach to gain profits through innovating business models, delivery systems and problem solving. You’ll see that many of these principles can be directly translated into your market. We will also teach your innovation teams the skills they will need to calculate the benefits of new business models and revenue streams, including ways to incorporate flexible economic models and pricing solutions that are both commercially viable and yet supported by Federal or State contracting requirements for complex projects.


Design Partnership Models and Ecosystems

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, bring a team.

Forward-thinking innovators who wish to commercialize recognize more radical innovative ideas, find that commercial innovation is most often successful when you also develop new partnership models for creation, delivery or maintenance. In these cases, we help to identify the right partners and create alignment between risks, rewards and success that help defines what winning looks like and the role each must play to be successful. Aligning business and economic interest across new market participants is one of our strengths because we constantly learn from other joint-venture or partnership models, and we have developed a full suite of tools and techniques to test business model economics, digital channels, and to structure complex agreements and systems when needed to support partnership success.

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